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International Riding Academy

~~~~~~~~~~~~"Enlightened Equestrian Education"~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                  Horse Trainer Certification

Clients demand trainers with education & experience! Minimum age is 16 years.
Trainers Package includes course - 'Foundation Training' 4.0 credits
Trainer Apprenticeship (1.5 credits) - Follow mentor of choice for 15 hours
PREREQUISITES: Rider IV and Equine Work Practicum I 
Trainer Internship (1.5 credits) - Train (volunteer or paid) for 15 hours
After certification - earn prestigious award titles (See Upgrading forms)

Rider VI is a package deal for horse training certification and carries on from the elements of horsemanship in Rider IV. Foundation Training includes Ground Work, Longeing, Problem Solving and Training Corrections. As well, there is the theory class called Equine Business Management and Personal Development. Students have the option of specialized testing to suit their preferences.

 Pre-requisite: Rider IV
 Learn'n' Earn a Horse Trainer certificate and medal for total completion
Student Information
Same as for other Rider levels 
The Academy's courses are largely based on Alois Podhajsky's teachings and experience from the Spanish Riding School.
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Upgrading & Specializing

5 Horses Trained = Certification
10 Horses Trained = Specialist Certification
Note: A trained horse is one who receives their title in the said discipline, which requires a 70+% in levels I, II, III and IV.

POSSIBLE TITLES:  (not in any particular order of prestige)

  • Hunter under Saddle
  • Pleasure Hack
  • English Pleasure
  • Saddle Pleasure
  • Show Hack
  • Road Hack
  • (If you get all of the above, then an English Master Trainer Certification is granted)
  • Western Pleasure
  • Western Riding
  • Trail Horse
  • Reining
  • Ranch Pleasure
  • (If you get all of the Western disciplines listed here, then a Western Master Trainer Certification is granted)
  • Cowboy Dressage
  • Working Equitation
  • Vaquero Dressage
  • Modern Dressage
  • Gaited Dressage
  • Hunter Jumper
  • Basic Classical Dressage
  • Basic Western Dressage
  • Medium Classical Dressage
  • Advanced Classical Dressage
  • (If you get all of three Classical Dressage titles a Master Trainer Certification is granted)
Other Courses