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                                      Stock Performance (Western Disciplines)

  • Videos due in by Dec 1, March 1, June 1, August 10
  • Register in Stock Performance to enter any of the disciplines: 
Western Pleasure, 
Western Riding, 
Ranch Pleasure, 
Trail Horse, 
Cowboy Dressage
  • Horse & Rider combination may ride 2 consecutive levels/ performance testing evaluation
  • Completion of 1 score of 55+% in each level of a discipline. 
  • Register (once per lifetime) and receive the informative DVD.
  • For title in a discipline to appear on the horse's Certificate of Achievement, 1 score of 70+% must be achieved in each level test of the said discipline.
  • For every discipline Western tack and attire is the only type permitted.
  • Level 0 is Walk Jog only. It is designed to be a preparatory test for beginner horses and/or riders and also can be used for para-riders, or other riders with disabilities.
  • Level I is considered a beginner class. Horses must be at least 3 years of age. Snaffles and bosals are allowed. Curb bits are allowed for any horse 6 years and older, regardless of the level. 
  • Level II is an intermediate class that is more basic. 
  • Level III is a little more advanced, so horses must be at least 5 years of age. It is also a little more formal, so formal or evening attire is allowed. 
  • Level IV is the highest and most advanced level, therefore formal or evening attire is requested. Riders look a little more professional, horses look a little more polished and training is refined. Curb bits are requested in Level IV.

Western Pleasure Natural - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - Basically this is Western Pleasure, but with more natural movement. Horses must have a level topline or the poll can be higher than the wither, but never lower. Manners are important and the horse must look like a pleasure to ride with ease. Conservative or flashy tack and attire is allowed. The horse must have a 3 beat lope. The gaits are Walk, Jog, Lope and Hand Gallop (only in Level IV). 

Western Riding - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - Pattern riding based on progressive levels of difficulty in the changes of leg as well as gait development. The gaits are Walk, Jog, Lope.

Reining - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - Reining is a pattern class of circles, spins and rollbacks, designed for the intense cattle horse. Levels progress and intensify in difficulty.
Ranch Pleasure - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - Much like the other three disciplines, Ranch Pleasure is designed to include a little bit of everything! This is a working class, therefore conservative tack and attire is requested. The horse must look like a pleasure to ride and work. Training is progressive. The gaits are Walk, Jog, Extended Jog, Lope, Extended Lope.

Trail Horse - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - Trail is a mounted discipline where horse and rider complete various obstacles in a progressive manner intensifying in difficulty. 

Cowboy Dressage - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - This class has a set arena with different patterns that increase with difficulty. Training is progressive. Gaits are Walk, Jog, Free Jog and Lope. Other movements are Turn on the Forehand, Turn on the Haunches, over poles and between pylons.

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Video your test/pattern and send it in or upload it for grading and comments (like a riding lesson & a show). Ride and Earn awards. For more information see the Almanac  and DVD. There are incentives ribbons based on scores, as well as many other awards.

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