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                                Show Performance (English Disciplines)

  • Videos due in by Oct 1, Jan 1, April 1, July 1
  • Register in Show Performance to enter any of the disciplines: 
English Pleasure, 
Saddle Pleasure, 
Road Hack, 
Show Hack, 
Hunter under Saddle and 
Pleasure Hack.
  • Horse & Rider combination may ride 2 consecutive levels/ performance testing evaluation
  • Completion of 1 score of 55+% in each level of a discipline. 
  • Register (once per lifetime) and receive the informative DVD.
  • For title in a discipline to appear on the horse's Certificate of Achievement, 1 score of 70+% must be achieved in each level test of the said discipline.
  • Level 0 is Walk Jog only. It is designed to be a preparatory test for beginner horses and/or riders and also can be used for para-riders, or other riders with disabilities.
  • Level I is considered a beginner class. Horses must be at least 3 years of age. Simple bridles are allowed. Full bridles are allowed for any horse 6 years and older, regardless of the level. 
  • Level II is an intermediate class that is more basic. 
  • Level III is a little more advanced, so horses must be at least 5 years of age. It is also a little more formal, so formal or evening attire is allowed. 
  • Level IV is the highest and most advanced level, therefore formal or evening attire is requested. Riders look a little more professional, horses look a little more polished and training is refined. Full bridles are requested in Level IV. 
English Pleasure (Natural) - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - A beautiful, formal display of an English horse who is a pleasure to ride. It's showy, not flashy, but the horse and rider look as though they are ready for a ride in the historical parks! Tack and attire are saddle seat, however the saddle must not go behind the 18th thoracic vertebrae. Dressage saddle are also allowed. Flashy bridles are allowed. The gaits are animated, but not snappy. They are Walk, Normal trot, Extended Trot, Canter and Hand Gallop.
Saddle Pleasure - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - This type of riding is very similar to English Pleasure, but not as fancy. Tack and attire is similar, but even more conservative. Manners are more important. The horse must look like a pleasure to ride. The gaits are Walk, Trot, Canter. 
Hunter under Saddle - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - Same as Hunter Pleasure, this class is designed to show off the hunter horse who does not jump during the test. Horses are bigger, sporty and look as though they could go off jumping through the fields without any problems. Tack and attire are conservative hunter tack and attire and close contact, all purpose or forward seat saddles. Gaits are Walk, Trot, Canter and Hand Gallop.
Pleasure Hack - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - This class is similar to Hunter under Saddle, using the same tack and attire, however the horse does not need to be as big and sporty. Manners are more important. The horse must look like an absolute pleasure to ride. Gaits are Walk, Trot and Canter.
Road Hack - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - The horse and rider proudly show their versatility looking like they are ready to hack in the field. This class is not as formal as Show Hack, so typical, conservative hunter tack and attire are recommended. Gaits are Walk, Normal Trot, Sitting Trot, Strong Trot, Easy Canter and Hand Gallop. 
Show Hack - (4 levels) - 1.5 credits - This class is similar to Road Hack, however it is considered formal. Horses are a bit more animated and flashy, but gaits are never snappy. Tack and attire is dressage, either lower or upper level.  Gaits are Walk, Normal Trot, Collected Trot, Extended Trot, Normal Canter, Collected Canter and Extended Canter.

Performance Testing Evaluations (you must be a current member)

Video your test/pattern and send it in or upload it for grading and comments (like a riding lesson & a show). Ride and Earn awards. For more information see the Almanac  and DVD. There are incentives ribbons based on scores, as well as many other awards.

Getting Started:

1. Be a member

2. Register in the correct course

3. Videotape your test and upload it or send it in

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