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International Riding Academy

~~~~~~~~~~~~"Enlightened Equestrian Education"~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                              International Rider IV - Riding Biomechanics

Prepare for a possible career in the equine field. Accredited COACHING program! Qualify for discounts on your insurance!!!!

      Rider IV - (suggested age is 12+ years for the riding portion & 15+ for the theory portion)

Rider IV carries on from the elements of horsemanship in Rider III. Lateral work is developed. Students have the option of specialized testing to suit their preferences.

 Pre-requisite: Rider III
 Learn'n' Earn a Rider IV certificate and medal for total completion
Theory courses included are:
Equine Anatomy
Equine Health
Equitation Science 
Student Information
Same as for other Rider levels
Perfect for coaches: Save 10% on 10+ book orders. Get your clients involved!
Anyone can do 2 consecutive levels at a time!
Exams are open book. You may challenge the final exam. To pass the class for credit, you will need 60% total. Email for more details. 
All mounted tests must still be performed unless you have other credentials,

 Ready to get started?

Video due the 30th of September, December, March & June 

TUITION $480 ON SALE $248 

Rider IV





Midterm Exam $25


                                                     Equitation Medal Program



 Earn 2.0 credit units by scoring 55+% in any 4 tests

Earn a medal for earning 4 scores of 60+% 

BASIC seat, HUNT seat, CLASSICAL seat, REINING seat, or WESTERN seat 

Pre-requisite: Rider IV (riding portions only)
No age restriction  

Choice of 4 tests with 2 or more horses (Horse cannot be used in same test twice). Certificate will accompany medal and state specialty of tests based on highest number of style tests ridden and with highest scores. Basic Seat is Saddle Suit style, Hunt Seat is over jumps and on the flat, Classical Seat is Dressage style with lateral movements, Reining Seat is Reining style and Western Seat is Western Pleasure style.