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International Riding Academy

~~~~~~~~~~~~"Enlightened Equestrian Education"~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                International Rider III - Dynamic Riding

Prepare for a possible career in the equine field. Accredited COACHING program! Qualify for discounts on your insurance!!!!

      Rider III - (suggested age is 12+ years for the riding portion & 15+ for the theory portion)

Rider III carries on from the elements of horsemanship in Rider II. Pre-lateral work is studied.
Pre-requisite: Rider II
 Learn'n' Earn a Rider III certificate and medal for total completion
Theory courses included are:
Equine Nutrition
Equine Genetics
Equine Reproduction
Basic Farrier Science 
Student Information - Same as for other rider levels
Perfect for coaches: Save 10% on 10+ book orders. Get your clients involved!
Anyone can do 2 consecutive levels at a time!
Exams are open book. You may challenge the final exam. To pass the class for credit, you will need 60% total. Email for more details. 
All mounted tests must still be performed unless you have other credentials,
 Ready to get started?

Video due the 30th of September, December, March & June

Rider III




Equine Genetics
Equine Genetics