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International Riding Academy

~~~~~~~~~~~~"Enlightened Equestrian Education"~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                   International Rider I - Foundation Horsemanship

Prepare for a possible career in the equine field. Accredited COACHING program! Qualify for discounts on your insurance!!!!
"The student must reinforce his physical ability with theoretical knowledge of anatomy and the natural habits of the horse. For this reason, the old riding masters apportioned a large space in their books to hippology." Podhajsky
Exams are open book. You may challenge the final exam. To pass the class for credit, you will need 60% total. Email for more details. 
All mounted tests must still be performed unless you have other credentials,

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Anyone can do two consecutive levels at a time!

            Rider I (suggested age is 12+ years for the riding portion & 14+ for the theory portion)

The Academy's courses are largely based on Alois Podhajsky's teachings and experience from the Spanish Riding School, as well as from his student, Charles Harris. There are references from FEI, the German National Equestrian Federation, Nuno Oliveira, and from some of the older masters like Decarpentry, Albrecht, Seunig and of course de la Gueriniere. Some information is from the modern day authors who say it so well like Dr. Nancy Nicholson, Sally Swift, Charles de Kunffy and of couse Walter Zettl. 
Pre-requisite: None
 Learn'n' Earn a Rider I certificate and medal for total completion
Theory courses included are:
Equine Tack,
Equine Sociology (aka Communications - "How to Speak Horse"),
and Equine Grooming 
Access to a computer, internet & an email account. Access to a horse (does not have to be owned), grooming supplies, tack and proper attire pending academic or disciplines.

Find a capable coach to help you learn hands on practical horsemanship.  Everything is tested by video evaluations by master judges, coaches, trainers & riders from all over the world. 
Students are  encouraged to attend clinics, workshops and seminars, shows, competitions, tests, treks, trials, trail rides, drills and likewise to experience and improve in a never-ending quest for perfection and equestrian satisfaction.
Student Information
Language Requirement - English only at this time.  
Transcript of Marks: Sent out after course completion at the end of the academic year, or request one by contacting the office with a $20 processing fee.
Awards: You will be notified with details, or contact the office.
Accreditation: registered as private vocational school regulated under the Private Vocational Schools Regulation Act, 1995 and the Private Vocational Schools Registration, 1995, offering correspondence courses = exemption from formal registration, but authorized to govern affairs & grant diplomas accordingly. To value academic integrity follows rules & regulations to ensure quality learning for every student. Certified coaches may purchase insurance.
Refund Policy: None 
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Video due the 30th of September, December, March & June

TUITION: $540 ON SALE $248 (limited time)
Rider I