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International Riding Academy

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                                                      Coaching Certification

Prepare for a possible career in the equine field. Accredited COACHING program! Qualify for discounts on your insurance!!!!  
ALL Coaches are eligible for insurance! Minimum age is 18 years.
Coaches Package includes - "Teaching Teachniques, Lesson Plans, Equitation Fixes and Ethical Standards"
and "International Pony Camp Manual" (1.0 credits)
Equine Business and Personal Developent will also be included for those who have not yet completed it. 
Coach Apprenticeship (1.5 credits) Follow mentor of choice for 15 hours
PREREQUISITES: Work Practicum I, Foundation Training (you do not need to be a certified trainer)
Coach Internship (1.5 credits - 15 hours) Practice coaching for 15 hours (volunteer or paid).
You will also need to get your First Aid & CPR certificate  (1.5 credits)
The Academy's courses are largely based on Alois Podhajsky's teachings and experience from the Spanish Riding School.
After certification Specialize to earn prestigious award titles
Tuition  $248 
ON SALE $178  
(limited time)
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                                                          Coach's Challenge!

If you already have a certification in another program, you may be eligible to challenge the levels in a package deal.

For who have credentials with other organizations, you may choose to write the exams and rider whichever tests to become a certified coach with the International Riding Academy. Certified coaches are certified for life and can purchase cheaper insurance. It also helps cliental be assure that you are capable of coaching!

Because rider levels have a strong classical foundation to create the basis of all other levels, it is important to test in the higher rider levels to prove your riding ability. Therefore, even if you have other qualifications, you may need to ride in some of the academy’s tests.

For example, if you are an Equine Canada instructor with gymnastics testing, you will have to do the assessment and flat tests for Rider III and IV, which can be done in the same evaluation. Also, you need to write all of the Rider level exams, which can be challenged. Each is only 30 questions, consisting of true or false, and multiple choice. It is open book and there is no set time. If you have your Equine Canada Coach I, Pony Club Level A with jumping, or the British Horse Society Stage 3 with jumping, you just need to ride the Rider IV flat and assessment tests, as well as the written tests. Please, note, that to do these tests does not mean that you do not know your horsemanship, but rather that some aspects are different in the test and need to be proven before credentials can be given and then insurance is easier to approve.

Also, there are 15 Equine Science theory tests can be challenged. They are Equine Sociology (aka Communications), Equine Grooming, Tack, Equine History & Relations (aka Evolution), Equine Facilities, Equine Nutrition, Equine Genetics (aka Identification), Equine Reproduction, Basic Farrier Science, Equine Health, Equine Anatomy, Equitation Science, Equine Business Ethics & Personal Development, Training, Coaching. As well, these tests consist of true or false, and multiple choice, but there are 50 questions, but no set time and they all are open book.

Please, note, that any Equine Science test that is challenged is the total grade for that class. Credit is given for 60% total, whether it is the final, the midterm and/or the term paper/project combined. This makes it a little more difficult to pass, but when it is open book and you already know your equine information, you should find it easy. You only get one chance. A failing grade means that you will have to take the class in total. This does not mean the entire rider level, just the equine science theory class.

Already being a coach means that you will not have to take the apprenticeship or internship unless you want to for extra credit units.

COACH'S CHALLENGE = $ 780 (limited time)! 

 Please, note the the coach's challenge does not include any books or dvd's, just the exams that you need to pass the certification


Upgrading and Specializing

Once you are a coach, and the same applies to trainers, you can earn specialist titles, which is similar to being carded in a type or discipline for having completed a discipline yourself and having 5 students (or horses for trainers) also complete a discipline. A master would need 10.

The following is a list of the possible titles:

  • Basic Classical Dressage
  • Medium Classical Dressage
  • Advanced Classical Dressage
  • Basic Western Dressage
  • Gaited Dressage
  • Modern Dressage
  • Natural Dressage
  • Hunter Under Saddle
  • English Pleasure (Natural)
  • Show Hack
  • Road Hack
  • Pleasure Hack
  • Saddle Pleasure
  • Western Pleasure (Natural)
  • Reining
  • Ranch Pleasure
  • Trail Horse
  • Cowboy Dressage
  • Vaquero Dressage
  • Working Equitation
  • Hunter Jumper
  • Basic Seat Equitation
  • Classical Seat Equitation
  • Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Western Seat Equitation
  • Reining Seat Equitation

The Young Rider program is a bit different. A specialist coach would need no credentials in the Young Rider program himself, but needs 10 riders in Young Rider A, 7 in B, 3 in C and 2 in D. To be a master coach the formula would be 15, 10, 5 and 3.

  • Children’s

Having 5 students (horses for trainers) complete the entire program to receive credentials for every discipline in the category would be new titles:

  • English Master (English Pleasure Natural, Show Hack, and Hunter under Saddle)
  • Western Master (Western Pleasure Natural, Reining, Ranch Pleasure, Trail Horse and Cowboy Dressage)

Having received all 3 titles in Classical Dressage: Basic, Medium and Advanced

  • Master Coach (Classical Dressage)

Insurance for certified Coaches

Our American students who receive their coaching certification can obtain insurance through:

Equisure, Inc.

13790 E Rice Place, Ste 100

Aurora, CO 80015


303-614-6967 (fax) 



Our Canadian students who receive their coaching certification can obtain insurance through: 
Intercity Insurance Services Inc.   
15221 Yonge Street,
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
L4G 1L8      
Phone 1-905-841-8200   
Toll Free 1-888-394-3330   
Fax 1-905-841-0030