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International Riding Academy

~~~~~~~~~~~~"Enlightened Equestrian Education"~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                     HIPPOLOGY SOCIETY ALUMNI

Founded for preserving and promoting "Enlightened Equestrian Education" in the Ancient Art of Classical Horsemanship. Open to riders of all ages and horses of all ages, breeds and talents. The focus is on the teachings of proper horsemanship to create a harmonious duo riding in lightness, balance and with grace. Classical horsemanship is the core of dressage and is the foundation of every single riding discipline. The Hippology society is not only responsible for awarding classical based awards, but is also responsible for awarding credit to the those who seek their diplomas and specialty certificates.

                                          Equine Studies Diplomas & Certifications


EQUINE SCIENCE DIPLOMA(Average 55+% = Diploma (90+% = Honours & 80-89% = Merit)) - Rider IV, one work practicum (50 hours) in horse-related field, 4 credits in Dressage (any type), plus elective credits to total 60 credit units.

MASTER DIPLOMATHESIS (research paper) of 15,000+ words (9 credits), have RIDER IV certification, high performance and 90 credit units.

Specialty Certification for - Coach , Horse Trainer, Stable Manager
and for Judging Certification
 Certification for - International Rider Level certification for levels I - IV
Dressage Certification - for each horse & rider combination with 2 scores of 60+% in each test of a degree:
Walk Trot to 6th Degree in Classical,
Demi Degree to 6th Degree in Veteran,
 Walk Jog to Lateral II in Western

                                                             MASTER PLAQUES

Dressage Master for riders who achieve certification in every classical dressage degree with two or more horses.

Lifetime ChampionsThis award is a once in a lifetime per horse, permanent championship given to horses who are certified in all of the degrees of classical dressage, from Walk Trot to 6th°, regardless of rider and there is no time limit. Also, if the horse is sold to a new owner, the certification standings go with the horse. It is available once per horse.

Vintage ChampionsThe same as above is given to a horse who at any point has at least one of the degrees of dressage certifications in the Veteran Dressage program, regardless of rider. Classical Dressage trumps Veteran Dressage, therefore a Vintage Award can be earned any time and even before the Lifetime, but it is an optional program and does not mean the horse cannot partake in the Classical Dressage program. Horses must be 15 years and older.

                        PERMANENT CHAMPIONSHIPS for horse & rider combinations


In each Sport, Show and Stock division, there are:

 Reserve Champion


 Grand Champion

Supreme Champion 

  INTERNATIONAL SPORT HORSE includes Classical Dressage and Hunter Jumper tests 

INTERNATIONAL SHOW HORSE includes Classical Dressage and Show Performance

INTERNATIONAL STOCK HORSE includes Western Dressage and Stock Performance
Titles are also given for 70+% scores in each level of a specific class and it is recorded on the Certificate of Achievement for the horse  
   STALLS OF ACHIEVEMENT plates (based on performance points as per horse) 


 (Sample)    A stall of achievement title goes to horses who score high in any discipline. To celebrate this entitlement, the horse can receive a stall plate. There is a small fee to cover the award costs plus shipping and handling. * If the horse is sold to a new owner, the points go with the horse. As well, duplicate stall plates can be purchased.
Stalls of Recognition (50 points)
Stalls of Merit (100 points)
Stalls of Distinction (200 points)
Stalls of Honor (300 points)
Stalls of Excellence (400 points)
Stalls of Prestige (500 points)


EQUITATION MEDALISTS - Any rider on any horse where the rider gets 60+% twice on 4 or more tests with at least 2 horses used.

BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD MEDALISTS - Horse and rider combinations who achieve their bronze, silver, and gold medals in Classical Dressage, Veteran Dressage and Bronze only in Western Dressage.


                                                                   Choice Awards


 Possible engravings: 

  • Lifetime Champion
  • Vintage Champion
  • Dressage Gold Medalist
  • Dressage Silver Medalist
  • Dressage Bronze Medalist
  • Supreme Show Champ.
  • Supreme Sport Champ.
  • Supreme Stock Champ.

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This halter is only available to graduates of the Equine Studies program. It is granted FREE to those earning their Equine Science Diploma.








Free upon completion of:

Anyone can order an Academy t-shirt with the logo only on it. Price and pictures coming soon, as well as hoodies, golf shirts and caps.
                                               COMING SOON! 

                                                 Incentive Awards: Ride Your Best!


Rosettes for each test you better your personal best score.

For each level and type of test you ride, set your best score and try to better to earn a rosette for each test you better! This is an on-going award throughout the years as per horse and rider combination. 


Large Purple ribbon for each score of 80% (Excellence or A-standard)

Purple ribbon for each score of 60-79% (Good or B-standard)

Participation flat for every other test score (Average or C-standard and lower)

Flat ribbon for every kur ridden and passed 


 Register ahead of time to receive the information and then send in your video on CD/DVD or email a link (if online) for scoring & comments just like a riding lesson.

NO extra fees, NO traveling costs, NO stabling, NO arena fees and so on like at events & competitions. 
Have fun riding together on 'testing' days.
Coaches & trainers: make it an educational day for your clients. 
Try something new or hone your skills 
& ride for judging critique & scoring analysis by some of the world's top notch judges, coaches, trainers & riders in standard horsemanship PATTERNS/TESTS. LEARN from great leaders and to progress in your riding.

Everyone is tested anonymously. No prerequisites. Horses can be awarded certificates of achievement showing their ability and versatility (perfect for marketing). It is a wonderful and unique opportunity to keep riding simplified & in the true art form that it was meant to be.  

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