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  • 'Learn & Earn' - Equine study courses for your diploma and certification
  • 'Ride & Earn' awards and experience in Performance Evaluations (via video and riding pattern tests)
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                                                  International Evaluations

Also, a special thankyou to Jacqueline Oldham for helping us set up the system for the academy. With all of her years of experience and expertise we were happy to have her. Best wishes and rest in peace. 

 When you take part in the academic evaluations, you become part of the Hippology Society, dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient art of classical horsemanship through enlightened equestrian education, monitored by the International Riding Academy and evaluated by some of the best riders across the globe. 
International Certification Board of Evaluators
All of the following people ride high performance and have attained  wonderful achievements in the equestrian field.  The dressage evaluators have all ridden upper level, have trained fellow riders and most are listed or have been in the Olympics. It is a wonderful opportunity to ride with them. 
List of Evaluators:
Classical Dressage: 
Dorita Peer Show & Sport Performances, co-Rider Levels & Equitation
EC &, USEF Senior Dressage judge, COAI Master Coach, CCCP Level III, CSHA Senior Inspector, Dressage candidate, Bronze, Silver and Gold Certified Rider Awards 
Lyle Jackson Stock Performance & Equitation
National Reining Horse Association, FEI Reining (I) International Level, AQHA—American Quarter Horse Association, NRCHA—National Reined Cow Horse Association, APHA—American Paint Horse Association. 
Melanie Patton co-Rider levels I - II
Equine Science diploma with honors, Classical Dressage Bronze medalist, Equestrian author, training at Spanish Riding School. 
Heidi Smithson - Thesis - master graduate, professor and technical writer of the University of Saskatchewan and formerly the University of Regina.
Allison Page - Young Rider tests & Level 0 tests - Senior show competitor and multi-champion in various disciplines.

Programs of Study

Equine Science (Diploma and Master Diploma) : This program is designed to help you manage the health and welfare of horses to the highest degree to keep them healthier and with a higher longevity in their riding and/ or breeding career. The program involves the International Rider Levels I through IV, with optional higher riding. Students may opt to aim higher for a Masters Diploma upon completion. Better your horsemanship. This program is ideal for every horse owner.

Professional Certification: If you are working or want to work in the equine industry this program is vital for references, credentials and even for better insurance prices and protection. Earn a certificate as a professional riding coach, horse trainer and/or stable manager. The horse training courses are perfect for the every day rider as well. Specialty courses for equestrian judging allows students to hone their judging skills and those who complete the credentials may be put on the board!

Discipline Program: This program offers a variety of disciplines all tested by video test patterns.  This program is perfect for those who just wish to ride and already feel confident in their abilities. Students will find faster progress upon completing the International Rider Levels first. Regardless, there are many awards to earn as you ride!

Equestrian-4-Kids Program and Young Rider Progam: This program is perfect for children from pre-school all the way through Grade 10. It is also ideal for those with learning disabilities.  This program involves the equine theory work but can be added to the Young Rider program, where young and/or disabled riders can ride their way through the levels before starting the International Rider Levels.